32AD Music

In this dark world, good rock-n-roll should provide a positive and enlightening message. 32AD believes music should help people rise above their circumstances.

We'll have music crossing over a few different genres - going from rock, to metal, and even pop and acoustic praise. The music can be calm and uplifting, and give you a good feeling. It can also carry a mystery-suspense feel, or be heavy-rockin enough to get you moshing.

The albums are different. There will be finger-picked acoustic songs, clean strumming, but also classic style metal riffs (for the head-bangers). Lead harmonies may give a soothing feeling, yet even the more mellow acoustic songs may have fast electric guitar solos.

The vocals always carry a revealing or insightful message. There are enough junk lyrics out there already, so we would rather equip people for the better.