Metal Releases:

The first metal music releases are now available below, where you can listen free for a limited time, and buy at reduced prices. New songs and albums are also being released across various partner sites.  Search your favorite music-streaming-app for 32AD.


  • The Test Of The Enemy EP is fully recorded and being final-mixed. It is scheduled for release by Fall 2020.
  • New songs for the Infinite Understanding EP have already begun being recorded. This EP is scheduled for release next year, by the Summer of 2021.

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 [To be released soon]

Infinite Understanding

32AD Music

[Album Available Summer of 2021]

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  [Not released yet]


Infinite Understanding

32AD Music

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Release Date: 05/25/2020

Description: Lead Guitar Instrumental - This guitar instrumental begins with an electric-acoustic backing track and mild lead melodies. It continues to two lead guitar solos prior to a nice mid-song harmony. Toward the end comes the more explosive lead guitar-work, as this instrumental leans toward a vintage metal style.

Lyrics/Details: Click the INFO link below.

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"32AD's Infinite Understanding is intimate and intense - using the powerful and torrential musical capabilities of electric guitar to deliver a perspective that transcends speech.  Subtle backing and expert shredding come together to make Infinite Understanding a track that bears classic Metal sensibilities while offering listeners an immersive and meditative soundscape - perfect for losing yourself in."

"Great opening, letting the electric-acoustic set the tone.  The electric guitar and bass entrances (directly after) feel really powerful - and the way the first section of shredding comes from the initial guitar sound is impactful.  Lovely string harmonies! Love the tone transformation from 1:42-1:51, and the following jig-like guitar solo is really calming. The feel shift at 3:03 is very impressive - really giving space and gravity to the wild solo that comes in right after.  Great bass tone, and nice tight low frequencies.  Impressive work!" ~JW