Interview with 32AD
by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman January 18, 2022


ROCK & Metal Reviews:

"Believers with a heart for the heavier side will be elated to find such a killer Metal sound being currently produced!  32AD's refined approach to incorporating their passion for musical power with their heartfelt spirituality results in a sound that stands to resonate with Metal fans of every creed"

"the passion you feel is obvious and appreciated, and as always, your guitar skills are a joy to hear"

"Listeners with a heart for God and an ear for instrumental brutality will find everything about 32AD's sound to be everything they need to enter into thoughtful and heartfelt spaces of worship while the specific message, layout, and delivery promise to intrigue and inspire an even more profound response from those that pay attention"

Rock & CCM Reviews:

"Fans of vibrant guitar solos and full-sounding rock ballads will feel at home here, and again - anyone with an affinity for the heavier, more raw expressions of faith will be able to appreciate this"

"32AD breaks the mold by blending modern worship conventions with a more authentic and sincere delivery"

"Most of contemporary Christian music has become formulaic - serving the purpose of worship but sometimes failing to highlight the artist's God-given ability and sensibilities"

"32AD Music is making real, passionate, and authentic worship with the gifts they own - and anyone seeking to worship with that same exuberant authenticity will love this"