From the recording Glorify Magnify

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Song: "Glorify Magnify"
Album/EP: Glorify Magnify
Description: Rock/Praise
This song has nice-feeling electric acoustic guitar, smooth lead harmonies, a guitar solo, and an emphatic message.


At the end
Of everything gone wrong
When I'm wiped out tired
And I can't go on
I give up
I'm done and letting go
I don't understand
But there's one thing I know

Your love God
Oh your love!

Glorify your Name
And your throne
To the edge of the world
Your loving-kindness be known

Magnify your Word
And be shown
That your love is our joy
And we are never alone

Copyright © 2019 A. Apodaca

Songwriter: A. Apodaca
Recording Artist: 32AD Music
Vocals/Lyrics: A. Apodaca
Rhythm/Acoustic Guitar: A. Apodaca
Lead Guitar: A. Apodaca
Bass Guitar: J. Bishop

Recorded At: 32AD Music Studio

Write To:
32AD Music
PO Box 160
Winchester, CA, 92596