Song: "Test Of The Enemy" - (CD quality .wav)
Album/EP: Test Of The Enemy
Description: Metal
This title-track hits hard right at the beginning with a thick and heavy metal riff. After the intro, a bluesy metal-style guitar lead comes in to properly fill the space before the first vocals, with solos between the vocals and of course for closure at the end. There is a free-style guitar riff that distinguishes verse vocals from the chorus vocals, which deliver a mystery-revealing message about how fallen angels attack us to crush our souls.


Verse 1:
You let them in
You see
They test the Word
On thee
And tell you something
Opposite to
How God said to be

Verse 2:
So then now
Can you see
They show the world
To thee
And offer something
Opposite to
God intended be

Straight cold
He sold
To Eve and me
Same old
Test of
The enemy

Post Chorus:
Age old
Lies told
He stole

Based on Genesis 3:1
"Has God indeed said, 'You shall not..?'"

Recording Artist: 32AD
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