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Song: "Many Afflictions" - (CD quality .wav)
Album/EP: Storm
Description: Rock/Metal
This is a new song release from the coming 2023 Metal/Rock album.


Verse 1:
The childhood rhapsody
Is broken rapidly
With little faith
A trial is never small
To know nothing at all

Verse 2:
To learn of angels near
To only those who'll fear
The Word of God
A King who's always there
Preceding what you bear

He Delivers them
From them all

Verse 3:
Afflictions are many
We wrestle entities
The righteous will
Have trials and miseries
Yet have the victories

Verse 4:
As servant to a Son
The war already won
But suffer with
A King who's always there
With this you are an heir

He delivers him
Out of them all

He delivers her
Out of them all

Based on:
Psalm 34:19
"Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the LORD delivers him out of them all."

Recording Artist: 32AD
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